Occult Illuminati Symbols Flashed on Screen During Baseball Game

Mike Paczesny

*UPDATE* 6/30/13 Did WGN admit to using this graphic here?

In a very strange turn of events, during the late innings of the Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers baseball game broadcast, A strange Occult Illuminati message/image flashed on the screen for a few seconds.

Now, as it appears this was on the DISHTV & WGN feed, so in speculation the image could have been inserted at either feed location. It is my assumption that it was placed in by the WGN baseball crew as a joke. Definitely some strange activity to be putting on the screen during a baseball game.

If this was a joke, it wasn’t funny. These symbols have many ties to occult groups that represent evil and darkness, let alone the association these groups have with the media and television.

On a side note if you really want to dig into this , check this out The Masonic Ritual of Baseball



6 thoughts on “Occult Illuminati Symbols Flashed on Screen During Baseball Game”

  1. May not have been an error – I have something very similar to this (caught it with my pause) flashing very quickly between shows on Bravo. I would not have noticed it if I had not happened to pause at the same second.

  2. They’re not occult or satanic or the other religious crap people write but don’t know about.
    They’re key geometric figures (sacred geometry) encompassing magnetism, so when they flash these symbols, you automatically get drawn to their “show”.
    It’s the ultimate hypnosis.

    1. Your right lori they are geometric figures. the thing is the order of the quest or the entirety of the secret societies that where one or assimilated into one used geometry as a way of coding the secret knowledge as to never be stolen. the occult is what is hidden and that is how they keep it. they give us the esoteric meaning of things to further there agenda.
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  3. Well, Poobahs want to look important, so they do things like this. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

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